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MINNEAPOLIS - We've all heard the stories, maybe we've even told some. The ones about walking to school for "miles" in blinding snowstorms uphill both ways. "Do they know winter at all?" jokes Jennie Aamodt, who grew up in North Dakota. Laughing at how soft we've become, five Minneapolis neighbors recalled the winters of years gone by.

Nokomis Square Knotters continue to produce blankets and throws to provide cheer and warmth to adults and children with special needs. Some recent beneficiaries include St. Josephs Home for Children and returning veterans at the VA Hospital.

Minneapolis Knotters, Senior Living Nokomis Square<img src="images/news/aboutusgarden.jpg" alt="Minneapolis Knotters, Senior Living Nokomis Square" width="212" border="1" />The Knotters project began in the fall of 2010 and over 400 throws have been produced. The group is always looking for charities that provide for homeless individuals that would welcome the donations.

Money for the fleece comes from Nokomis Square Cooperative residents, families and friends. Residents gather about twice a month to cut and tie. This is truly a labor of love!

'I Love My Cooperative Home'
These articles, written by our members, describe the senior home search and selection process, moving, and the many features and benefits members particularly like about Nokomis Square Cooperative.

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Senior Living Nokomis Square

The garden is getting ready to bloom at Nokomis Square Cooperative.

Minneapolis Knotters, Senior Living Nokomis Square

Nokomis Square Knotters
Nokomis Square, Minneapolis, MN


Minneapolis Knotters, Senior Living Nokomis Square

Nokomis Square Knotters
Nokomis Square, Minneapolis, MN


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