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Nokomis Square Monument, Front of Cooperative Building, Minneapolis MN

Life at Nokomis Square Cooperative offers many advantages including financial benefits, a wide variety of amenities, convenient location, vibrant community and numerous floor plans to choose from.

What does it mean to purchase a membership?2017-10-17T17:31:02+00:00

In cooperative housing you purchase a membership, not a deed to the property. The buyer does not need a separate mortgage because one master mortgage covers the entire building. The buyer does not pay the closing costs normally associated with the purchase of a home. The monthly housing charge is a share of the operating costs for the cooperative based on the size of the apartment, and a share of the master mortgage.

Does Nokomis Square have a waiting list?2017-10-17T17:30:12+00:00

We maintain a waiting list of individuals who want specific floor plans or building locations.

What do I pay for an underground parking stall?2017-10-17T17:29:26+00:00

The garage maintenance fee is $10 monthly.

What about the monthly housing charge?2019-01-11T19:35:02+00:00