Floorplans & Units: Senior Cooperative


Floorplan F: #107

Nokomis Square Cooperative unit 209
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Floorplan A: #229, 234, 326, 428

Nokomis Square Cooperative units 126, 226, 426
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Floorplan H: #521 & #621

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Floorplan Q: #408

Nokomis Square Cooperative Floorplan Q
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Other Floorplans & Units

View more from Nokomis Square Cooperative senior apartment-style housing! Many unit features include oversized windows, walk-in closets, ample storage and a variety of amenities, and floorplan variations are available including one, two and three bedroom units:

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Nokomis Square Floorplans & Units

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Printable versions of floorplan sets are available here:

One Bedroom PDF | Two Bedroom PDF | Three Bedroom PDF