Children’s Literature Group

A group of members recently formed a children’s literature group.  Bonded by the love of children’s literature the group meets once a week to share.  From three to six former teachers,  librarians, mothers, and bibliophiles gather to read discovered treasures to each other. Discussions follow that may involve the story and often centers on the illustrations.  [...]

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Got Talent? Cooperative Members Do!

Some of us missed visiting the Minnesota State Fair and a walk through the Activities Building on the east side of the grounds.  Not the same, but just as wonderful Nokomis Square Cooperative members were asked to share their talents, and we were so pleased with the exhibit  of talent that filled our display window [...]

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Staying Active at Nokomis Square

Sing along or play along! Nokomis Square Cooperative members have discovered ways to stay active together and still maintain social distancing. Monday afternoons you can hear familiar music coming from the backyard patio. Every afternoon members gather on the east lawn to play bean bag toss, bocce ball or ladder toss.  Throughout the summer individuals have [...]

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Nokomis Square Cooperative Supports Local Food Shelf

Nokomis Square members donated over 150 boxes of cereal to the local food shelf sponsored by the Minnehaha Methodist Church and the Lake Nokomis Lutheran Church. The collection was so successful that we exceeded the goal of 100 boxes. During the month of August our goal was to collect 100 boxes of cereal, we met that [...]

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Member Safety and Well-being

During this challenging time Nokomis Square Cooperative’s primary concern is the health and well-being of our members and staff.  To this end, many temporary guidelines have been established. Here are some examples:  Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures  All scheduled dining meals delivered without charge  Activities, gatherings, committee meetings cancelled  Members encouraged to remain in their apartments [...]

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Activities at the Square

Knotters, Committee Fair, Busy Hands Knotters Project During the month of August 2019 Nokomis Square “Knotters” proudly display some of the fleece blankets made during the year.  Since the Knotters Project began in 2010 the group has produced over 900 blankets.  All of the blankets have been donated to charities though out the Twin Cities. [...]

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Learning at the Square

Learning at the Square is a monthly education series sponsored by Nokomis Square Cooperative and Nokomis Healthy Seniors. All classes are held the second Wednesday of the month and are open to the public.  Call ahead to inquire about attendance. How to Use Uber and Lift February 13, 2019 1:30 p.m. New Tax Laws March [...]

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Christmas Decorations People Used to Use

From our Editor… Christmas Decorations People Used to Use I couldn’t help thinking about some of the old Christmas decorations that few people in their right minds would use today.  Of course, I grew up back in the days when if you broke a thermometer, you got to play with the mercury—bare handed, no less.  [...]

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Meals at Nokomis Square

About Food at Nokomis Square… Nokomis Square is one of a few cooperatives that offer in-house dining.  NSC was built with a commercial kitchen, and for more than 20 years we have had a contract with New Horizons Food Service to operate this kitchen.  We offer five meals a week to residents and their guests. [...]

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A Veterans Experience

A Veterans Experience… The Korean War was going on.  My buddy said that we should join the National Guard, and we did do it just before Christmas.  In January we were at Camp Rucker, Alabama.  I went to school at Fort Benning, Georgia.  When I finished, I didn’t have to go overseas to Korea, so [...]

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About Nokomis Square Cooperative

Nokomis Square Cooperative offers apartment style senior living in the Lake Nokomis area of South Minneapolis, MN. With a variety of features and amenities on site, many nearby conveniences, and exceptionally maintained senior housing units, you’re sure to find activities and comforts to enhance your daily living. Contact us today for more information!

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