Activities at the Square

Knotters, Committee Fair, Busy Hands Knotters Project During the month of August 2019 Nokomis Square “Knotters” proudly display some of the fleece blankets made during the year.  Since the Knotters Project began in 2010 the group has produced over 900 blankets.  All of the blankets have been donated to charities though out the Twin Cities. [...]

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Christmas Decorations People Used to Use

From our Editor… Christmas Decorations People Used to Use I couldn’t help thinking about some of the old Christmas decorations that few people in their right minds would use today.  Of course, I grew up back in the days when if you broke a thermometer, you got to play with the mercury—bare handed, no less.  [...]

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 Our Library Has a Valuable Book

 Our Library Has a Valuable Book… One November evening my wife said, “You have to read an article in the Variety section of today’s paper.”  It told of a best-selling, half-century-old book of political fiction by Fletcher Knebel.  The name Knebel was familiar to us, since he was a regular columnist in our Minneapolis newspaper [...]

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About Nokomis Square Cooperative

Nokomis Square Cooperative offers apartment style senior living in the Lake Nokomis area of South Minneapolis, MN. With a variety of features and amenities on site, many nearby conveniences, and exceptionally maintained senior housing units, you’re sure to find activities and comforts to enhance your daily living. Contact us today for more information!